Now that you have stumbled upon this link,  you are either one of the types who know me or one of those who dont! Now, knowing me has not  been declared a crime. Atleast not yet. so you can still safely read further if you want. eitherways you have spent a couple of your download limit kBs on this page so its well worth the read.

          The reason Why I am here is not because I have a zeal to help suckheads in their matters nor is it because I consider myself  a person with excellent writing skills, neither is it because i love to flaunt my vocabulary (read as sick vocabulary), or to announce the birth of another rising star or anything even remotely related to any thing logical. I am here to just vent out my frustration (and the warm gases, almost in literal sense) that I cant put it else where. Not that I am the sort of the remote sitting frustrated bickering guy, but its just that something gnaws from inside that “WAKE UP DUDE” what are you up to now?

                  Now most of the ppl who know me will start reading between the lines. Just go forth you suckheads in doing that cos if you do think that this is not worth reading then it really aint worth the effort on your part.  Actually if you just close this window now then you wont miss much here. for a favour, you can actually register your protest against me on . I will actually earn a fortune out of this and then you wont have to read the mindless rants / bickering here.

                  For others (who still are intrested in knowing what the fcuk is written here and how they can use it), I will narrate you a small story.

                 When I was in first year engineering pursuing the mechanical stream (Yup i am a mechanical student and you can stop laughing if you know how i have cleared that), I was fortunate to have a BASICS OF MECH ENGINERING  teacher who was trying to explain HOW EVEN THE MOST COMPLEX OF MACHINES WORK ON SIMPLE LOGIC.  Its not that she did not know what she was teaching,  but its actually that she did not have an idea as to how low she will have to go before anything enters my head / brainless space on the top of the my torso.

so the conversation was like:-

she:- deepak, (me stood up) can you please explain the basic structure of AN RCC FRAME also known as top beam in buildings for idiots ?

me:- no, madam

she:- what do you mean by no?

me:- madam, I did not read the lesson last night so i dont remember the exact construction (surrounding people were giggling like the hideous monsters under the beds)

she was obviously annoyed, but still since she was a very good teacher, politely asked

she :- does that mean that you do not know anything about your field?

me:- (trying to prove that i am not a hopeless Idiot) Its made up of 70% mud and rocks (i meant gravel but sounded otherwise) and rest is just steel rods. It is cast by workers under the scorching sun so that when the cement dries, it becomes as hard and strong as clay and so that they can put a roof on top of it and then escape from the sun.

the lecture hall was filled with peels of laughter.

she (now very annoyed):- shut up you idiot, can you explain why are there more steel rods at the bottom and fewer at the top of the beam?

me:- (triumphantantly) yes madam, that is because when the beam is wet, the steel rods settkle down on thelower side so when it hardens, they remain there.

This time, the lecture had become the sort of a laughter challenge series with me as the clown.

she:- was that a joke?

me:- no madam but thats all that i understood in the lecture.

she then explained in detail as to what it is and all my zillion questions.

                Now, The reason why i chose to reply rather than give up was because of my upbringing which taught me NEVER BACK DOWN & If you do not know, express it clearly. which is precisely Why I am here.

                 now if you have stopped laughing at that stupidity of mine, I will explain what i am saying. the very reason of losing a battle is giving up the hope to win. the human nature is such that the mind starts acting what you decide from the heart. now the first thought that flashed in yur mind was how do we decide from the heart? actually we do and we do it unknowingly. If you are walking / strolling, you wont look for an auto unless the thought crosses your mind that you are tired. you may be able to still walk for miles but now you start feeling tired and legs weaken. that what the mind does. it just reacts to what you have decided.

generally you can work till 10 in night but many times you just dont cos you are not in the mood or because you know that its not even a bit urgent and a sword wont dangle loosely above your head if you do it the next day. and then you just start feeling tired and simply pass time till the bell rings (which is what i am waiting for now).

             your brain is your best friend and enemy and as rightly pointed out in the movie 3 idiots, just say ALL IS WELL. it actually ignites the mind to a figting spirit. and that all that we really need the fighting spirit.

             If you are still not getting it, i will drop a bombshell here that neither do i know why am i here! c mon man i am serious, I wrote the above thingy just because I believed I could write it, and now that the siren is shouting out loud that “SUCKERS WHO ARE NOT INTRESTED TO WORK CAN LEAVE”

Ps:- that is precisely the reason why i am also signing out here…

All Is Well

PS:- If you were really finding finding the reason why you are living?  or why do you work when you hate to do that or it could be even related to your wife beating the hell out of you for changing the channel for her daily Idiot box soap doses. whatever it is now, the problem exists only if you give up.

Remember- only dead stuff rots not the living one