Reclaiming my life..
    let me just start with my Dog. (yes a dog)  It is said that Dogs are the man’s best friend.and they are the best pals when fathfulness is concerned. But is it also true?? or is it the other way round?? They are considered cute when pups but quite ferocious when grown ups. I have been having a dog, a TINY pomerian.. And no one ever cared for it.. Just Fed him, and expected his part of work. A nice non complaining dog..I used to take it to my office daily.. Used to wash it even when it refused.. It accompanied me almost everywhere i went. Heck.. I even prefered it over my gf.. My dog was actually a part of my family.. But as fate would have it.. it finally fell weak, and could not take the pressure of the daily routine. so finally it was deemed useless. The day arrived when it was replaced by a new one, an huge doberman.. I loved the new one.. It was better looking.. it did the work better and people dared not mess up with me on the street..It had the presence felt when it moved and everyone insantly loved it..
    However, there was something missing.. Something that i could not put my finger on.. Something that was gnawing me from the inside.. Something that i was not happy about..
    Then came the day when we were to shift to a new home, and I saw the old trusted steed lying rotting in a corner, demanding nothing.. Not even its fuel.. Nothing at all.. it was just existing without any meaning for its life.. In need of serious attention.. But still did not complain.. just wanting to be taken back in the family. Just one look in the eyes was enough for me . every moment spent with this small dog came back again. every ,moment when it was scared of other dogs. every moment when i chickened out and my dog stood upright.. everything.. Took it to its doctor.. Helped it to be running on its feet again.. And when i finally could muster the courage to lookat it, i found the very familiar welcoming and gratefull look in the eye it, now i found what i was missing.. The void that i had long assumed was a permanent one..
    At this point,you might be feeling sorry for my dog. But hold it.. I will tell you what i regained, but before that, Let me tell you who these dogs really are.. The tiny pomerian mentioned here is my faithfull old CD 100SS. whereas the doberman is my 2 yr old k&n fitted and modified HH HUNK. Both the bikes are basically a motor bolted to a chasis but still they are very different, yet are just sufficient for me. now most of you who have started reding between the lines, stop that cos the best part is yet to come. while many say that the hunk is infinitely better than the cd100, i strongly disagree.
    The pleasure of owning a better modern bike is short lived cos it soon becomes monotonous. you push the starter, it starts. you pull the throttle, it calculates something that only nasa will understand, but will getthe bike moving however bad the conditions are for its operation. these bikes never ask for anything on your part. heck, soon you will have bikes riden by gps and then you wont even have to ride the bike. just chose the location and hit go.. the problem is not the extra luxury. its something called as an involved ride. the new bike forgave me for whatever mistakes i comited. be it the taking corners at wrong speed, riding fast over potholes, ripping at speed not meant for the bike, never losing its composure etc etc.. and i actally loved my bike for this. but one ride on the old bike, and i was astonished that i did now what riding was. it threw me off in the first corner i took, on every pothole, my testies were hammered, my ass cried for mercy, my spine gave away, the bike was worse than a dildo. but it was one hell of a ride. It gave me back the sense of fun in its every stupidity.. While the hunk was good in most of the rides, the cd100 was more thrilling in every ride. While the hunk forgave me for every mistake i made, the cd 100 punished me by scaring the shit out of me. While the inputs for the hunk were unidirectional, cd 100 used to laugh at my stupidity every time i did one. In short, the cd was a more involving ride. Me always on the toes for what the bike might throw at me. The sense of self preservance prevailed more when i rode the cd100 ..
    The bike had a lot of deficiencies, it had to be kicked in a specific manner to get it started, it would stall every time i pulled the throttle wide open, the horn never actually worked, the headlights worked only when it wished to but it never gave away when i needed it the most. I knew exactly what the bike wanted and how much. In short, I loved myself more and yearned to live a bit longer than when i rode any of the modern bikes. The cd had the soul to excite me when it was kicked to life. My heart skipped beats when the bike revved hard. anything over 60 kmph was as good as going insane but thats what me me feel alive. This bike was what i would say the “life reclaimer”. this bike lacked any of the luxuries of riding but hell it was good. Most bikes these days have everything that you want except the soul. The will to live is long lost in our quest for perfection.. my new bike is amongst this breed. maybe i need to wait for it to grow old so that i realise its value but for now, its my old faithfull pomerian is the one taht reclaimed my life.. lets see what works for you people.