Sacrificing & donation mostly goes as in a single line for most of the people. For most of the people, sacrifice is nothing more than donation.. They believe that giving your leftovers to others is sacrifice.. Sacrifice is often a term that is associated with social service. And is a thing that puffs up the ego of many. Organisations advertise about them serving people, doing benefit to nation… blah blah…most politicians claim that they are sacrifing their lives for the country etc etc…

             Now this is where the problem begins.. If you have ever sacrificed something, you will know that this is often the most undesirable thing that we will ever want to face. we actually run from sacrifices. and there is a very good reason why we fear sacrifices. we fear cos we know that sacrifice is when you part with something that has a lot of value for you. something that you would otherwise have a cat and dog fight to get. This is the essence of sacrifice. It is not necessary that you always lose, cos most of the time that loss is for a something that you believe in and you will feel contended after that. getting confused in the last line??? let me explain.

              My aunt, had a highly successfull career 8 years ago. she was not from a “filthy rich family” but definately well settled. my Uncle had a business of his own. my cousin was very good at studies and there was nothing that she would have wished more. now if you note, I mentioned “HAD” and not “HAS”.Tthe reason is she left the luxury of an air conditioned office, left the successfull career she had, left her comforts behind just because she one day saw that there is more to life than just earning money. She collected her money, pestered the local politicians for some grants, and started an “MAHILA ASHRAM”. Not the one where women are kept untill their cases are resolved but a place where they could be taught the way to live a better life. She used to accompany them to the court and back. My Aunt and Uncle had to many times go to the police station if a problem arose, but she soildered on.

                 The point is not that she is a very great person, or that I am advertising here but that she did those sacrifices of her. She actually felt relief from the fact that she was serving someone who was in crying need.

                 What pisses me off is not that people dont sacrifice things for others, but its the fact that they dont actually sacrifice but they publicise that they do. Mind you, having the best part of the cake and giving the leftovers (which you wont eat) to others is not sacrifice. thats called as waste management.

Sacrifice is when you fight with your boss for a leave, decide to tour to your chilly childhood dream destination, put on the cozy warm leathers, hop on your bike to ride to your favourite destination, and you see a child barely dressed in a chilly day, you kill the plans for the ride and put the child in some school with that money that you had been saving ever since you started riding.

Sacrifice is when you are amidst a ride, extremely hungry, have only the money for the next meal, you see a woman with a new born child but has nothing to eat, and you buy her something to eat instead.

Sacrifice is when you spend the whole evening with your kid watching his favoriote cartoons (which you hate) even though you have your group of friends riding arround and having the fun of their life.

Sacrifice is when you see a old woman cross a road, you pull over, stop your bike, assist her to cross the road. sacrifice is something that you do to help others with no beifit to you except the moral satisfaction..

This list can go on and on and on.. but now coming to the point of  ” It is not necessary that you always lose”.

               What I want to put out here is not that you have to sleep on a bed of thorns to do sacrifice or that you need to do something that rivals mother teresa. no dear, sacrifice actually makes people feel better cos your heart is relieved of the guilt of doing something wrong. But this is only when you really want to sacrifice. if its forced upon you then it becomes a pain. and when it pains, The first thought is get out of this as quick as a mouse running from a cat. And then people look out for shortcuts and degrade the essence of sacrifice and then start relating sacrifice only with pain and suffering.

              So guys sacrifice only when you want to , not because you feel it will publicise you or because you are already doing something and it wont take much from your side to make it look as a sacrifice…

giving what you dont require is not a sacrifice. its as good as throwing garbage in dustbin. Just getting rid of stuff..

Ps: I have not yet sacrificed things for others but as far as sacrificing for my friends and family is concerned, I am damn sure that the things sacrifced were not more important than the person for whom i was sacrificing..