How are you Different from others?
Ever since I can remember, there has always been a thought inside me. A very strong and un-answered thought. It has been like a splinter stuck somewhere which is not accessible by any means. I have tried and am still trying to answer the question but finding the answer (that will bury the question for ever), seems like the distant horizon. The faster I move, he faster It fades away. The more I try to answer it, the further it seems to go. Before putting the “un answered question”, I would like to brief about what I have been going through and why the question is still there in my head.

I was born and bought up in a middle class family. a supportive dad, open minded yet a very religious mom, a naughty bro, and a group of monkeys also known my friends. I believe it all began when I was 13 years old. One fine day, I had a fight with my classmate and I had a bad cut on my forehead. Like the kids of my age, I came home crying and my mom nursed the wounds and put a bandage over the head. But when my dad returned from office in the evening, I began my usual drama of crying and gaining his sympathy. To my shock, the moment I cried, my dad gave me a tight slap and said nothing. I cried louder and he gave one more. But this time, he took my hand, seated me on his lap and told me the line that still rings clear in my mind. It was “are you crying because I hit you or are you crying because you can’t hit me back?” I did not understand the sentence at that time, but later realized that I was not crying because he hit me it was because of the second part of the sentence. And that day I vowed “either not to cry or not to get in a situation which I can’t get out”. But as time progessed, I realised how difficult it is to follow the above rule.
Before I could answer that question, I realized that every other fcuker would have faced these questions. They must have dealt with them satisfactorily enough. So how am I different from every tom dick and harry? I make the same folly as any other pumpkin with hands and feet grown! I do the very same stuff that everyone else does. I pee standing up, and pass the shit as often as anyone of my age. I have made similar blunders like everyone else. I hate anyone criticizing me. I don’t learn from my mistakes unless anyone points it out. Just because, I ride a bike, I am not different. Just because, I exist as a separate identity, I am not different because I am still dependent on others for my comforts like the sweeper, the watchman, the lawmakers and the keepers, the society, my office, my teachers, my boss, my colleagues and my friends. So what makes me different? how am I different? Where am I different? Just because I can write a blog does not mean I am different because there are many more who do this.

Don’t look for an answer here because even I don’t know it. To top off this confusion, consider this:-

I had always believed that I was unique. Until I saw another engineer with a degree in mechanical.
I always believed that I could think better than anyone else. Until I saw others getting better grades, salary, girlfriends and what not
I always thought that I was very practical and logical in my thoughts until I ditched a bike that suited my requirements perfectly and went in for a bike which simply looked better.
I always believed that 1+1 is always 2 until one day I got frustrated and said to a customer AAPKO KITNA CHAHIYE? And then i realized that even the universal; truths are not permanent. It is all dependent on whom you are talking to. An educated fool will say 2, a kid will say 11.
The other day, I was surprised, that my girlfriend knew exactly what I will like to eat for dinner! And she even ordered my food even before I came to the table.
My boss knows exactly when to look at the door and when i will leave from office. He can pin point what mistake I made just by looking at my face.
I mean, if any one can be predicted, there is a sure possibility that the person is not unique because predictions are based on prior similar experiences and if I am like someone else, (I hate typing the phrase again) how am I different? Hell man if I am so predictable, how can I be different? And if I am not different, where do I get the answers to my questions? Now this is getting on my nerves and just like everyone, I am also blabbering here rather than finding a solution.

Now after building up so much hype and after boring you people with such mindless rant, let me tell you how I am actually different.

I have completed my hsc. I know that everyone does but I got 85 aggregate after getting screwed royally in the prelims. Not something that everyone does.
I did some stupid shit because of which I was certified the most creative shit of 2002; I did an automatic car park system using the basic of resources. Can anyone beat this?
I completed my ssc. Even this does not qualify for the “not different” but it actually is because I got a disgusting 45 percentile aggregate but still managed to get a decent college with mechanical branch.
I did my engineering like everyone else and I had the thought always pinned in my mind as to what am I doing? Why am I doing this? What am I gonna gain?
I believed that males who had swollen chests and frocks were simply called as females.
I thought that Mr. Honda had hired fools for designing bikes, I tried bettering mine and I learnt a lot from it… that not to put your finger in grease and if you do, don’t rub your eyes with it.
The best way in which you can take revenge with your land lord after he scratches your bike is to put fevi-quick in all keyholes in his car and grin when he gets frustrated after his key snaps in two when he inserts the key into the keyhole and desperately tries to open the door.
I can keep on typing shit on some online space for no reason and keep consuming time of people who will otherwise be doing something that they are not interested in and hence not good at.
The ninth and the most important point is that, I am different than the regular breed because I wanna improve myself in whatever I am doing,. In every folly, I learn one more way of not doing a thing. I believe that we are all made for a purpose. It’s just that I don’t know what’s mine!
I guess the last point pretty much nails the topic. In a nutshell, I know I am different because I believe so and not because someone taught me. To be different, you don’t need to sit under another apple tree expecting an apple to fall on your head and then expect to discover something that the world is waiting for. You just need to love yourself for what you are. Just do what you love to do and most importantly, love what you do.

Now in case, you are wondering that how this is related to winning or losing, let me point it out. The first step in winning against your opponent is to identify the weakness of your opponent. And That’s precisely what I am doing. why did I put the stupid story in this lecture? the reason was that you need to understand that faithfully following the set rules is not everything, rules can be bent to suit you as and when needed. We are not programmed robots. We can be very irrational at times and this is just one of the things that make you not a pre programmed robot but a human.That’s what makes me different from others. And I am proud that I am different.

Ps: if you are trying to answer the first question, keep watching this blog because soon I am gonna find it out.