Now that you have clicked on the link, its no use regretting. you have already made a contribution to the traffic on my site. btw, you must have never thought about this but most of the traffic on the internet is because people (like you and me) do not have anything to do! Even I was one of these moles, lurking arround on the internet. Like most of you, I used to lookout for updates on orkut, then i used to check facebook, put some updates, expect others to respond with something like “OMG, you are so brilliant”. but that never happened. then it changed to “fcuk what others are doing, i dont care”. then the frustration prevailed, untill i achieved the state of zen (pun intended).wait a minute, if you are thinking that by zen, i mean the car, or if you are googling of a state called as zen, please do me a favour and click on the small red cross on the top right hand side of the window. alternatively, you can also lineup against a gun barrel and pull the trigger, I really wont mind. Now getting back to the topic, My intro. So here it goes. (actually i am going nowhere its just the intro).
    I believe I was born (and not dropped from the skies) when the heavens could not keep me and satan thought that i would take over hell. so i had to come to earth.. however, for the first 5 years, i spent them understanding the basics of life, i.e to sleep – get up – pee in daipers – eat – sleep – eat – play – eat – sleep.. and somewhere in between, I learnt how not to pee in nickers, how not to “do the do” in daipers/ underwears.. eeewww…
then in the next 5 years, I had to go to school.. I learnt about attraction (to the toys you buggers)… and made a lot of friends.. the problem is that i dont know where the hell they vanished or rather how the hell i made them vanish..
for the next 5 years, I was more intrested in number crunching rather than anything else that I can remember.
Then came the best of the 5 years plans.. went to college, feel, in love, then crashed out of it, tried compensating it with another, got tight slaps, a couple of broken bones but still had a lot of fun while being plainly stupid . friendship was the in thing. made a whole bunch of friends, splurged money like hell cos eitherways it was “mere baap ka maal”.. lol.. and finally, by the start of the third year of engineering, I became sane gain. scored some decent numbers and finally got Bored of Engineering (thats B.E in long form).
This was immediately followed by the next five year plan where the congress came into power. Ever since, my life is just as good as the goverment office. punch in on time, dont think about motivation, wait for lunch, have lunch, check mails, bitch about job, wait for the prisioner release bell, and finally break free. BREAK FREE !!! you might be wondering “break free for what”? read the link at the end of his intro. now continue reading the intro (or you can also read about
These days, I am riding my bike as much as I can. so that before I get married (and later settle down to the regular schedule), I can have enough trips under my belly belt that I can comfortably spend my life reading them and remembering the things that I did the best. i.e writing shit on the internet, and wasting online space expecting people to treat me as a saviour of humanity.
now, if you are still reading the intro, I can safely assume that you will survive long enough to read most of the rantings here. if you do like the articles, please rate them accordingly so that i can improve with every article that i write. Hope you all will have a nice time out here reading what I have scribbled..
happy surfing…