We all have a destination. Some know what it is, Some don’t. I am shamelessly among the second types. My biking life started in my dreams wandering the landscapes of the the 

city, also known as Pune, I was always fascinated (and scared) about open 6 lane highways, wind in the hair (obviously via the helmet), Me cruising comfortably at whatever speeds my bike is comfortable, having chai at road side tapris looking at automated monsters speeding past. Aah, pure bliss. And oh boy, I loved my dreams. Soon, I got matured enough to stop dreaming and break free of the city limits. All I had to do now was to start living those dreams and start riding. So I got a helmet for myself, got a set of oversize cargo pants, a thick denim jacket. So now came the next big question, what destination?

                       I started with short rides to nearby places with friends. Then they grew up a bit and I stuck to the earlier maturity level. They went in cars while I preferred to have the wildlife in my hair. So I started riding (often solo) to whichever destination I wanted. I had always followed one rule in all my solo trips i.e. pick a random destination and start riding. However, soon I realized that not the destination that I used to look forward to, it was the fun I would have in the journey of reaching my destination. Soon, I was lapping 400 kms a day for rides. Then one fine day, or rather night, the inevitable happened. My bike broke down owing to my zeal of proving that the boffins at Honda are not good enough for me. I spent the whole night cursing myself for “attempting to modify my bike”. Finally, sanity prevailed and I realized the importance of group rides. Then I joined xbhp, and hence I matured. Rather I should say, my friends thought I went insane. And they were right; I was madly in love with my bike and the open road. So much that I used to go to Shirwal (about 75 kms away) just for the fun of highways. Coincidently, the destination that I had been looking forward to had a lot of highways. All I had heard was its awesome seafood, pristine beaches and breathtaking landscapes. Little did I know how these words actually feel like! And actually, it did not matter because for me, the journey was more important. I wish I knew this earlier, I would have probably packed for spending a lifetime here. Finally, I had found a destination that I liked more that the route I took to reach there. Or rather I should say, I have found a destination which is worth more than the destinations that I had ever ridden to. Yup that’s GOA. A place where I believed that I would get to ride on the beaches. Me, my bike and the pristine beaches, in perfect harmony. 

                    GOA in my mind tingled when I saw the movie “DIL CHAHTA HAI“. Since then, Goa was on my “To Be Done” list as a big word taking up as much as a compete page. Every occasion which I could seize, I planned for this place, but something inevitable would come up and the next time would be set as the book-mark.. I could be hence forgiven for the excitement when I decided that this year, I will go there at any cost. Infect, I was so excited that since the second week of November, I had been putting mails to my seniors regarding my absence,

                   Face book was put up with messages of “ride to Goa at year end, anyone interested?” and all the replies I got was “bobby, forget Goa, let’s go to “Stone water grill, KP”. Finally, frustrated but not defeated, I decide. I will go there. ALONE…

             But luckily, xbhp came to the rescue. started with Beruoist breaking the news of a tentative ride on pune thread. soon followed by the unbearable wait for replies, and finally fulfilled with the fulfillment of the ride. but, the these four days are also the ones that have been the cause of all the troubles for many days to come. We had all sorts of experiences, the quick blast through the landscapes at 100 kmph, the chilling offroading session later, lost track of where we were, got back on track, had a laid-back day at the beach, session on photography, one of us chased another “one of us” with a long knife, someone got (apparently) dumped, someone got high on tomato sauce, and someone stared at bums just a feet away from his face, and someone got lost on the beaches and has not reported to work ever since. some of the best memories that can be faintly depicted in colors are these….