The life of a person is divided into 2 parts – the concious and the sub conscious.. the conscious part deals with what you present yourself to the world and the other is simply your perception of the world. most of the time, these two lie worlds apart and you need a sort of inter galactic travel to connect between them. If you do not need the travel, maybe you are far too engrossed into the former than the later of what i have said in the line above.

the problem is that recently i have begun believing that a new world of thought has erupted. thoughts that i want to put forward but since most are stuborn enough not to understand, I dont do it. thoughts that have been gnawing me from the inside. questions that have been luking beneath the skin of the conscious responses. answers that i have been trained to provide during my whole period of growth.

most of the articles in this page are somewhere in between of the two worlds. and frankly speeking, I am not very much expecting positive responses because , face it, most of us have been trained by our education system / society to sugar coat everything and that exactly what i wont be doing on this page.

You are very well invited to join me in the thoughts process and sugestions are invited for everything i post here. but remember one thing, “Other’s opinion of you does not have to become your reality”. you have to decide whats best for you…