I start this with a famous quote “Winners never quit” but then a brainy guy said “Its Better to Quit while you are at the top”. its not that I am not a Quitter but yup, I am sure loving it now.

Yup, You guessed it right. I have quit my job and it feels so good that I will be reporting to the new job within 13 days. The best part is that now since I have put down the papers, I can act like a bafoon here and still get away with it most of the time… Reason? “That bugger has quit. no use asking him to do anything”. who said that office life cannot be fun? Its one hell of a ball here.

Now, generally, when you quit, people advise you to keep it low. Reason is clear, NO PANGA AND YOU WONT END  UP NANGA.  I however beg to differ here. mind you If you are quitting, It is clear that you dont intend to work with your present organisation. you dont care about what your boss is saying cos you never cared anyways but had to do it since you were getting paid for it. You dont care about schedules as all you are working for, is yourself. so you can as well make it fun and get even with those were riding you for a while.

Right from day1, I (as an employee of Q.B.S.J) have been getting even with people who were till now up my arse. Unilateral Declarations have switched sides (obviously, I am my boss here). Timelines are strictly adhered to (i.e incoming and outgoing ). Projects are much more organised (refer the earlier line. I AM THE BOSS so this has to be). Dictatorship has been replaced with democracy (I, myself and my coleagues, who support me, are  the only voter). The office life has become far more unbiased (pun intended).

well, it was all fine till yesterday when i realised that i am getting a bad name here for being a dictator! Lol, Atleast they realised what a dictator is. You see, the relation of an employee with the company is just as good as his relation with his immediate superior. so if your boss is good, you love the office. if however, he is a Oaf, you have had it. and thats precisely why I was employed for 3.5 years before They decided to change him and I decided to call it shots! well, i called shots to the person rather than the office. buts thats an different story altogether.

coming back to the topic, the fun of quitting. The best part of quitting (and worst part of employment) is appraisals. generally, when you are apraised, your weaknesses are pointed out, you are reprimanded for every mistake and gory crimed you did. but after quitting, the whole scene changes, your seniors praise you al the time, you are the glitterball of the cubicle, no-one dares to raise an eyebrow at you, pointing fingers vanish and what not. you get those 30 seconds of fame almost everytime.

Everyday, your dept head will make it a point to praise you, even if you are doing nothing but doing shit.
You are talked to with outmost respect.
Your points regarding any topic are taken note of.
You are provided almost nil work and you relax your whole day searching internet for “what zulu tribes do at 2am -3am”.
Every second person you meet, exclaims “oh gosh you quit?.
A visit to the toilet is generally accompanied with astonished stares.
You can arrive late at work.
You can leave at any time (even leaving at 3 pm is considered late).
You can skip customer meetings and still get away with it.
The list goes on and on with your imagination being the only limit as to what can be done.

Frankly, This period is often interupted by a bugger (boss) who hands over some work to you. but frankly speeking, this period lasts less than 30 seconds and then you can return to your normal routine.Sometimes, The department head also drops in trying not too look suspicious (but you know it that he is) and praises you for your shitty design but who cares! I quit cos i wanted to. Most of the opinions dont matter to me now. The people whos opinions mattered are the ones who know why I have had to quit my job. And that is the whole point of it. I mean, I know that I am pulling the shots a bit too hard. I know that I wont be working with these (selected few) guys again. I know that this might be repeated again in future but I will prefer to get even rather than crib about not doing it later.

So if You stumbled upon this post by mistake, sorry for wasting your time. However, if you have quit and are open to sugestions, take this as a sugestion, GET EVEN.